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We offer design, construction and administration of computer networks. As one of the few on the market, we can also make a computer network based on electrical infrastructure - PowerLine. When you change the company's headquarters, open a new branch, or simply want to connect new workstations to the existing infrastructure, we will prepare quick and safe technological solutions for you. All computer networks made by us are secured to protect data from computers connected to it against external attacks (important e.g. in electronic banking).



If you want to reduce costs and ensure efficient and secure IT infrastructure in your company, use the IT Bridge service providing IT outsourcing. We provide services not only at your company's headquarters, but also quick remote assistance.



What to do when it gets worst ... data loss. Do not panic!
We will help you - we recover data lost in the most severe failures.


Data that has material value for us, e.g. company information saved in digital form, or sentimental value, e.g. holiday photos or important events in life, should be archived for backup purposes.

Unfortunately, even the most modern technologies can be unreliable and often expose us to the loss of important information.

However, if you did not take care of your data and they were lost as a result of a failure or accidental deletion, we will help in recovering them. Fortunately, in most cases you can save lost souvenir photos, videos or other important documents. One of the main factors that determine your success in recovering your files is the amount of time your computer has been working since it was deleted. There is a simple rule here, the sooner you try to recover lost data, the better your chances of success. Over time, some data is accidentally overwritten (blurred). Therefore, if you lose your files, do not hesitate - contact us.



Computer users can be divided into two groups - those who back up and those who ... will do them. Everyone knows that systematic backup of important data stored on your computer is very important. Unfortunately, this important act is often neglected. That is why NST - Network Security Technician offers a complete system that completely automates data archiving for desktops, laptops, servers and other devices on which important files are collected.


Data archiving in the cloud

All documents, photos and other files available from virtually anywhere in the world. Only one condition - Internet access. This is the easiest way to explain the concept of data archiving in the cloud. It is a modern solution that allows you to quickly, conveniently and securely backup your most important files. The archiving process is fully automated, and in the event of e.g. damage to the computer, the necessary data can be easily restored.


Archiving software uses incremental and differential algorithms, thanks to which only new or changed files are sent to the server without copying all data over the network. Restoring data from a backup is done by selecting the archived file that you want to recover, and the program will automatically restore the necessary data to your computer.


Why backup?

To recover data lost due to failure.

To recover data lost accidentally.

To recover data that was intentionally destroyed.


Data archiving locally

Despite the many advantages of "public cloud", many users are very distrustful about storing data in the public cloud. In business, the company's security policy is often on the path towards cloud archiving. An alternative in this case is to create a private storage space using your own server, which will also allow secure access to data from anywhere where there is internet access.

The system is based on a local server storing copies of data and software working on the basis of client / server architecture. The server and software configured for individual needs can be placed in an existing computer network. 


Virtually any computer can play the role of a server, but the solution based on a dedicated server will provide the highest performance and security.


Data archiving takes place automatically in the background and is not visible to company employees. For each computer, you can set the schedule for making copies and the time for which the files will be stored. The intuitive graphical interface allows you to verify the status of the service on an ongoing basis and easily restore data that can be recovered from any backup stored for a given computer.


Data archiving - ensure the security of your files

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We offer comprehensive services in the creation and implementation of desktop software, web and mobile applications. When designing our application, we place great emphasis on ease of use and friendly modern user interface, while maintaining the required functionality of the program.

The production process is based on an analysis of customer needs and creation of specifications and documentation. Then we implement and test the software and finally complete system implementation in a production environment and user training. We are aware that the needs of our clients may change over time, which is why we guarantee readiness to introduce changes and development of the implemented software.


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