CCTV security system

when you want to see everything


Why install CCTV?

Situations with which we will meet in our work, explanations thanks to recordings with a camera, performing distributed operations and preventing similar events.

Effective monitoring can:

  • Protects against theft
  • Protects against acts of vandalism and devastation of the account
  • Protects production processes at industrial plants
  • Controls the quality and productivity of employees
  • Protects against the illegal activities of designated persons
  • Controls inventory



High-definition video interface (HD-TVI) is a format that allows high-definition video transmission via coaxial cable or Cat5e/6/7. It offers HD 1080p image in a very economical solution comparable with the IP system and provides better image quality than traditional analog systems.


The IP CCTV system allows you to send megapixel images on a local network and the Internet to a remote location, where they can be viewed, recorded and played back. Offers greater flexibility, less disruptive installation, and better integration prospects with other IP-based systems such as access control and alarms. IP CCTV systems are forward-looking and may be more economical in the long run than traditional analog systems.


A range of CCTV cameras with high resolution and affordable price up to 1000 TVL, connected by a coaxial cable or CAT 5 cable and connected to a good quality digital video recorder ensuring data storage on the hard disk and connectivity with a smart phone. The security camera system is equipped with a digital video recorder containing a time and date stamp, motion detection, hard disk, USB drive and / or DVD burner for storage and backup. Our analog video recorder comes standard with H.264 video compression and resolution up to 960 H for recording, playback and display. Our CCTV installations based in London are made by qualified installers and have a 12-month minimum number of parts and a work guarantee. Each system is equipped with the option of remote browsing via the Internet and a smartphone, so home and business owners can monitor their facilities from anywhere in the world. To comply with the Data Protection Act, CCTV systems in commercial and public facilities must be registered with the Information Commissioner (UK) and warning signs should be displayed.

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