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Do you want to know the possibilities offered by modern technologies? Do you want to improve your comfort and quality of life? Our technologies automate many daily activities, thanks to them you will enjoy life to the fullest. Intelligent home control is now available to everyone. Regardless of whether you live in old or new buildings, at home or in an apartment. Today, thanks to NST - Network Security Technician, the intelligent building management system is already within your reach. We will prepare and carry out for you any project that will change and modernize your home.



You can control your heating remotely, no matter where you are. Are you coming home earlier? You only need to send a command from your phone to turn on the heating. When you come back home will be cozy and warm.


1. Temperature control thanks to the application.

2. Remote heating control.

3. House heating schedule.

4. You leave the house..

Control the lighting at any time and from anywhere via the phone application. If you don't have a telephone handy, you can always just use the switch. Lighting can be controlled by voice commands or gestures. We will implement intelligent lighting control for you. Automation of lighting is usually the most important for household members. Light affects our well-being, health and determines our well-being. Thanks to it, we can create different conditions in the same place: for work, play or rest. Our company will prepare for you solutions that are best for you. Contact us if you plan to install intelligent solutions in your home or apartment. We are waiting for your questions.


1. Control via a motion sensor.

2. TV scene lighting.

3. Scene reading room.

4. Party lighting.

5. Fewer light switches on the wall.

6. Lighting control about the garden.

7. The possibility of creating light scenes.

8. Alarm function.


A secure home should be resistant even to very unusual burglary attempts. Intelligent installations, through the use of various elements and the combination in operation of various systems, implements high security standards. In addition to vision systems, all motion sensors, opening sensors, temperature and shock sensors watch over your security system. Security is not just a burglary problem. The peace of the household in a smart home is supervised by elements detecting fire or flooding. It is thanks to its diversity that an intelligent home becomes a safe place for all its residents. In intelligent systems, it is worth quoting the following intelligent solutions.


1. Face recognition and intelligent monitoring.

2. Silent alarm and notifications

3. Simulation of home presence.

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