anti-burglary films



Windows, glass doors can be seen as a potential weak link when it comes to security, but the use of specialized window film can be an effective barrier; to provide greater security as well as peace of mind.

The protective films offered by our company can be applied to existing glazing, negating the need for expensive new glazing, and thanks to various grades and finishes there is a film suitable for every situation.


Available in a variety of thicknesses, from a standard protective film to a bomb explosion protection, the protective film will allow the glass to withstand impacts, serving to slow down and stop intruders while providing protection against accidental damage.


In the event of a break, like a laminated glass pane, our protective film will hold the glass together, keeping broken glass together and in the frame, which makes it difficult for potential intruders to gain unauthorized access to your premises. Ensuring the safe breaking of glass, the use of a protective film also provides a safety solution, preventing broken glass from falling on each other and causing potential injury to persons inside the building.


Protective film not only provides a protective layer of glass, but can also be an additional protective element, blocking visibility in rooms. By hiding your eyes through glazing, valuable equipment or items can be hidden, ensuring that they do not become the target of opportunistic criminals.


Protective film is available for both indoor and outdoor installation, and can also be installed in combination with other films to provide additional benefits such as sun protection, dazzle and fade protection, and privacy. As with all videos stored by Network Security Technician, a full installation service is available, where qualified and experienced fitters are available to provide a professional, perfect finish regardless of the size, location or complexity of the work.


With a wide range of protective films to choose from, trained Network Security Technician staff will help you make an informed choice, while samples will let you see how each video behaves in your unique circumstances. For advice, samples and a quote for installing anti-theft film, contact us: 

07905706825 or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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